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All Weapons and Items
While playing, press Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Up, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up, Down, Down.
While playing, press Left, Fire, Left, Fire, Left, Left, Fire, Right, Fire, Right, Fire, Fire.
Here's a complete set of passwords for your blasting pleasure.
Level   Password
1       Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle
2       Square, X, Square, X, Triangle, Square
3       Triangle, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle
4       Triangle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
5       Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Triangle
6       Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, X, Square
7       X, Square, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle
8       Triangle, Square, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle
9       Square, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, X
10      Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, X, Square
11      Triangle, Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, Square
12      Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle
13      Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Triangle, Square
14      Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, Square, X
15      Circle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
16      Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square
17      Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square
18      Square, Circle, Square, X, Square, Triangle
19      X, X, Square, X, Triangle, Circle
20      X, Square, X, Triangle, Triangle, Square
21      Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Triangle
22      Square, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle
23      Circle, X, X, X, X, Triangle
24      Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
25      Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square
26      Square, Circle, Circle, X, Circle, X
27      X, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square
28      Square, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Square
29      Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Circle, Circle
30      Square, Circle, X, Circle, X, Triangle
31      Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
32      Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Square, X
33      X, X, Triangle, X, X, Square
34      X, Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, Square
35      Circle, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, Triangle
36      X, Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Square
37      X, Triangle, Triangle, X, Triangle, Square
38      Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, X
39      Square, X, Triangle, X, X, Triangle
40      Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, X
41      Circle, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square