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Bonus Cars
Enter the "Create a Driver" screen and enter your name as PUSHBUTT.
Bonus Track
At the "Create a Driver" screen, put your name in as EPILEPTI to access the Titon tracks.
Cheat Codes
Enter these codes as your name on the "Create a Driver" screen.
Description               Name
Half Gravity On Tracks    FLOAT
Three Quarters Gravity    FEATURE
More Gravity On Tracks    RADBRAD
No Collision On Cars      BANZAI
Cars Only Have Wheels     WHEELS
Cars Have Fat Tires       FAT TIRES
Win Season                WTFIN
Invincible In Sim Mode    IMMORTAL
Two Laps In Season Mode   GEK
Sunset Tracks             SUNNYSKY
Night Tracks              NIGHTRID
Space Tracks              SPACERID
Keeping Control
If you are sliding out of control, quickly put your car in neutral and tap the brakes. You will gain control easier and faster than waiting to hit a wall.