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FAQ's and Strategy Guides
For playing tips, move lists and other information, please read the Clock Tower FAQ from www.GameFAQs.com.
??? Option
To access the "???" option in the pamphlet menu, beat the game with an "A" ending.
Alternate Uniform for Jennifer
Instead of going to Rick's House in the second scenario, use Helen to go to the library in the Second scenario. You can do so by not asking Harris to show the statue to Rick in the first scenario and making the trip by yourself instead of asking Nolan to help you. When you arrive at the Barrow's Castle in the third scenario, Jennifer will be wearing a different uniform.
Defeating the Hand
Defeating the Hand in the servant's quarters is a two step process. After opening the desk, the Hand will jump out and strangle you. Hit the panic button repeatedly until it falls off on to the floor. Notice now that the camera angle changes. Use your pointer and click on the ink pen on the desk to defeat the Hand.
Location of All 10 Hints
Hint#  Person         Scenario#     Location

#1     Prof. Barton   Prologue      File Cabinet
                                    Treatment Room

#2     Jennifer       Scenario 1    left corner boxes
                                    Storage Room (1F)

#3     Jennifer       Scenario 1    to right of door
                                    Women's Lounge (3F)

#4     Helen          Scenario 1    on top of desk
                                    Treatment Room (2F)

#5     Helen          Scenario 1    on top of table
                                    Student Office Room(2F)

#6     Nolan          Scenario 2    on fireplace
                                    Upstairs Living Room

#7     Helen          Scenario 2    in Machine Room of

#8     Gotts          Scenario 2    in cabinet on left wall

#9     Jennifer       Scenario 3    on table in the 
                                    Upstairs Living Room

#10    Helen          Scenario 3    on bookshelf just left 
                                    of door in Chapel Library
Nolan's Scenario
This hint is only useful if you are playing the scenario as Nolan. To finish the scenario, the first thing you should do is go up stairs into the bedroom and look in the closet twice. The first time will hint at something being there, the second time you will find the statue.

Then go into the kitchen and look at the mask on the wall, this will confirm the location of the Barrows mansion. After the confirmation message, the mask will come alive. Use the vase on the table and throw it at the mask.

Finally, go to the laundry room and get the powdered soap in the cabinet across from the washing machine. Go back into the living room and out the sliding glass door in back, toss the soap into the dogs eyes to escape.

Unlock Each Ending for Helen
These are the conditions that must be met to view each of Helen's endings.

1) You must save Jennifer in the chapel, confirm the survival of Gotts, and go to Scissorman with the Door Spell.

2) Let Jennifer be killed (don't use the Fireplace Key!) or go to Scissorman without confirming Gotts' survival.

3) Go to the Scissorman without the Door Spell.

4) Save Jennifer without the Door Spell.

5) Ignore the statue in Scenario 2.