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All Missions and Endings
To get all missions and to see all endings put in this password: "zX7z15EEvLax7Q0N"
Avoid Changing Discs
It can get very tiring to load your game of the 1st disc, then switch to the 2nd, etc. but there is a way to avoid this. When the screen pops up that says "Please Insert Disc 2" simply press the Triangle button and you'll proceed without having to change discs. NOTE: You won't see any FMV by playing off of the 1st disc, but you'll still get mission briefings, voices, and everything else.
Disable All Cheats
Enter 'All*cheats*off' as a password.
Level Select
Enter 'Commander*Jeffer' as a password.
Unlimited Primary Weapon Power
Enter 'Tranquillex' as a password.
Unlimited Secondary Weapons
Enter 'Memo*X33RTY' as a password.
Unlimited Shields
Enter 'Hestas*Retort' as a password.