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FAQ's and Strategy Guides
For playing tips, move lists and other information, please read the Cool Boarders 2 FAQ from
Alternate Clothing for Irin and Cindy
Highlight Competition Mode in the main menu then press Down, R1, Up, R1, Down, R2, Up, R2, Up, Up, R1, Down, Down, R2. If you did it right, Cindy will have a leather outfit and Irin will have school clothes.
Monster Air
When you enter the board park, go all the way until you reach the ramps with the cars and trucks all around. After you pass one of the ramps, turn around and jump back up the hill. Repeat this until you hit the backside of the ramp. If you do it correctly you can get some pretty high air! It might take a while to do, but if you practice a lot you can even hit the roof of the game and you can do grabs and flips in the air.
Monster Spins
If you want to pull some incredable rotations do the following: (you'll need gray the alien)

(1) Drop into the pipe holding left or right out of the gate until you get to the part of the ramp where the incline begins:

                                  I    I
         RIGHT HERE _______________/

You will get a little ammount of air, you will go up and come straight down. (you should be facing down the pipe when you let go of left or right)

(2) Right when you land hold X and LEFT or RIGHT

(3) Hold the direction and X as long as possible, you'll want to do it to take as long as possible. (you're turns will pretty much be straight back and forth through the pipe)

(4) When you want to, let go of X and watch (keep holding over)

Play as the Alien
To play as the Alien all you have to do is score a 38.0 or better in the halfpipe or complete all 100 moves in ONEMAKE jump.
Play as The Boss
To play as The Boss, complete Mirror mode in first place.
Play as the Snowman
to obtain the Snowman you must break all the records in FREERIDE mode.
Secret Levels and Secret Boards
To get all of the levels in Freestyle mode, just beat the Tour Competition in Mirror mode and come in first place. (This also lets you play Boss.) To get the secret boards, choose a level which you can break the top record in any of the catagories. Then choose the type of board you want to become a special board. (i.e. if you want the Freestyle special, use a freestyle board to break any top record.) Then all you have to do is set a new top record without falling and you will get the special version of the board you used.
In Take It Easy, before the tunnel, you can avoid the big s-turn by going through the forest and jumping over the gap.

In Pipeline Canyon, after the second jump, you should see a pipe going across the canyon. You can grind on that.

In Freezing Point, before the big u-turn you can enter the forest on the left right before the blue fence.

In Snow Ruins you can enter the shortcut by going between the two right pillars.

In Dive into the cave, to the left of the second fork, you can go through a waterfall. You do this by jumping up onto the ledge before the first left turn. Also you can go to the right and grind up the ledge to get to it.

Stop the Music
While playing, press START rapidly until the music keeps playing at the PAUSE screen. When you hear the music, press START again to resume play in peace and quiet.
With practice you can perform over a dozen tricks in this game. Here's how to do a few of them:
Shifty - L1
Lien Air - Down + R1
Indy Grab - Up + R2
Frontside 180 - Spin left
Mute grab - Up + R1
Stalefish - Down + R2
Method - Down + L2
Backspin 180 - Spin right
Shuffle - L1, L2
Fakie to Shifty - L1 (before the jump), L1
Flip - Up + Flip
Backflip - Down + Flip
Misty 180 - Hold X, Press down-left or down-right, release X
Nose Grab - Up, Up + R1
Frontside 180 Shifty - Spin left, L1