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Level Select and More
For access to all levels, an uncensored game, and easier settings for Arcade and Puzzle mode, try this. On the name entry screen, enter your name as "NEMROSIM".

from Robert Knickerbocker
Here's a complete set of passwords for your enjoyment.

2. RIG DOCK                     17. UNDERGROUND
3. MEET GIA                     18. PIT STOP
4. SKEET SHOOT                  19. ICE SCREAM
5. BIG KISS                     20. COLD FEET
6. GOING UP                     21. DOOR MAN
7. ZAPPED                       22. LOCKED OUT
8. EASY RIDE                    23. SLICEOMATIC
9. BIG SHOCK                    24. NOT FRIENDS
10. OPEN OCEAN                  25. LISTEN IN
11. CATWALK                     26. GENIUS
12. ISLAND RUN                  27. RED LIGHT
13. STEAL PLANE                 28. DRUG STORE  
14. VALLEY RUN                  29. UNSAFE DOOR
15. ROUGH RIDE                  30. GRAFFITI
16. PORT FLYBY                  31. YOU WITH ME

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