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FAQ's and Strategy Guides
For playing tips, move lists and other information, please read the Destruction Derby FAQ from
Animated Credits
To see the Animated Credits Enter your name as CREDITZ!
Bonus Team
At the piracy warning screen, press L1, Left, Circle for the Reflections team.
Easy Points
Hold Accelerate + Right for a few seconds at the beginning of each destruction derby race.
Hidden Picture
While the Piracy Message is displayed, press and hold L1 + LEFT + O. A shot of the Reflections Team should appear.
Slap some titanium on those wheels with this code. Enter "!DAMAGE!" at the Name screen and you're in business.
Monkey on the Track
Choose Destruction Derby-Championship and enter MONKEY as your name. Stat the game and perform five 360s. A monkey  will begin running around the track. Hitting the monkey is worth a large amount of points.
More Computer Players
Enter your name as "NPLAYERS" to choose the number of computerized opponents.
Ridge Racer Track
Select two player mode. Enter RIDGE as a player one name and RACER as a player two name.
Ruined Monastery
You roll out of bed and head for church, only to discover that some lowlife truckers have wrecked the joint! What's a pious roadwarrior to do but seek vengeance? To get a piece of this action for yourself, enter your name as "REFLECT!"
Time Cheat
Select Total Destruction from the main menu.As soon as the game starts, pause and exit. If you had 0 seconds on the clock, your name will appear on the scoreboard with 599.99 seconds.
Unfair Advantage
For an unfair advantage, enter your name as "DERBYMAN". Most of the other cars will start out smoking.