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FAQ's and Strategy Guides
For playing tips, move lists and other information, please read the Diablo FAQ from
Attribute Trick
If you don't have enough of one attribute to use a weapon, helmet, or armor then put a ring or amulet that will give you enough of one attribute to use it. Apply the ring or amulet then put the item on then take the ring off and the item won't turn red and you can still use it. Note this only works if the item you want to use gives you points to the attribute you need to boost.
Duplicate Books and Elixir
You may duplicate books and elixir like as money: you must load a character with some books or elixir and another character. Now the character with the items (books and elixir) must drops them and the second player must grab them. Now the second player must use all items and save the character. Then quit the game and reload the same Character. Now repeat the trick as many times as you want.

Important: Player one must NEVER save the character!

Duplicate Cheat
Need cash and equipment fast? Well if you have two controllers this is the cheat for you! All you need to do is start a two-player game and load two characters or load one and start a new one. Now transfer all gold and any equipment to one character. Save that character and start a new game again. When you load the character all you need to do is sell stuff and build a gold pile. Save again then repeat the process as needed.
Easy Money
This tip will help you have almost infinite cash without a gameshark!

All you have to do is create a character and save him the pick a 2 player game and load the same character for both players. VOALA! You have 10,000g for each player! keep doing this til' you have 1,000,000g and you have money forever!

Shrine and Fountain List

BLOOD FOUNTAIN: Every time you drink, your hitpoints go up

FOUNTAIN OF TEARS: -1 to one stat, +1 to some other

MURKY POOL: Casts Infravision spell

PURIFYING SPRING: Every time you drink, your mana goes up


CAULDRON: Has all the other effects at random

GOAT SHRINE: Has all the other effects at random

ABANDONED SHRINE: "The hands of Men may be guided by Faith"
   Gives +2 to Dexterity. (Doesn't put you above your max-attribute)

CREEPY SHRINE: "Strength is bolstered by heavenly faith."  
   Gives +2 to Strength (Doesn't put you above your max-attribute)

CRYPTIC SHRINE: "Power comes from your disorientation..."
   Casts Nova spell in the room you're in, doesn't hurt you, but 
   hurts others in the room (and refills your mana)

DIVINE SHRINE: "Drink and be refreshed"
   Restores both health and mana and either one full health and one 
   full mana or two rejuvenation potions appear

EERIE SHRINE: "Knowledge and wisdom comes at the cost of self"
   Gives +2 to Magic (Doesn't put you above your max-attribute)

ELDRITCH SHRINE: "Azure and Crimson become as the sun"
   Potions (heal and mana) become rejuvenation

ENCHANTED SHRINE: "Magic is not always what it seems to be"
   Takes one spell down 1 level and enhances others by 1 level

FASCINATING SHRINE: "Intensity comes at the cost of wisdom"
   Permanent mana loss (%), gain 2 levels to Fire Bolt (even if
   you don't have it yet...)

GLIMMERING SHRINE: "Mysteries are revealed in the light of reason"
   All unidentified items are identified

GLOOMY SHRINE: "Those who defend, seldom attack"
   All weapons get -1 to maximum damage (i.e. before 4-8, now 4-7)
   All armors go up by 1 or 2 points

HIDDEN SHRINE: "New strength flows from destruction"
   Takes 10 dur from one equiped item and gives it to another.

HOLY SHRINE: "Wherever you go, there you are"
   Phasing spell

IMPOSING SHRINE: "A surge of blood interrupts your thoughts"
   Gives +2 to Dexterity (Doesn't put you above your max-attribute)

MAGICAL SHRINE: "While the spirit is vigilant, the body thrives"
   Casts a Mana Shield spell

MYSTERIOUS SHRINE: "Some are weakened as one grows strong"
   One characteristic gets +5, the others -1

ORNATE SHRINE: "Salvation comes at the cost of wisdom." 
   Permanent mana loss (%), gain 2 levels to Holy Bolt (even if
   you don't have it yet...)

QUIET SHRINE: "The essence of life flows from within"
   Gives +2 to Vitality (Doesn't put you above your max-attribute)

RELIGIOUS SHRINE: "Time cannot diminish the powers of steel"
   Restores the durability of all your items to the maximum.

SACRED SHRINE: "Energy comes at the cost of wisdom"
   Permanent mana loss (%), gain 2 levels to Charged Bolt (even if
   you don't have it yet...)

SECLUDED SHRINE: "The way is made clear when viewed from above"
   Gives you a map of the current level

SPIRITUAL SHRINE: "Riches abound when you least expect it"
   All empty slots are filled with cash, how much, depends on the 
   level (If you get this from a cauldron, it's a lot more than 
   just those 5-10 at early levels)

SPOOKY SHRINE: "Where avarice fails patience gains a reward"
   All others that are playing with you, get their hitpoints back

STONE SHRINE: "Power of Mana refocused renews"
   Renews mana and recharges staffs

TAINTED SHRINE: "Those who are last, may yet be first"
   Affects all characters in the game. The person who used the 
   shrine gets a random +1 stat, and everyone else gets a -1 on 
   all stats. 

THAUMATURGIC SHRINE: "What once was open, is now closed."
   Closes and refills all chests.

WEIRD SHRINE: "The sword of justice is swift and sharp"
   +1 to maximum damage of all your weapons (i.e. before 4-8, 
   now 4-9)