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FAQ's and Strategy Guides
For playing tips, move lists and other information, please read the Diehard Trilogy FAQ from www.GameFAQs.com.
Cheat Codes
To use these cheat codes, pause the game and hold R2 while entering the desired code.

Die Hard 1

Right, Up, Down, Square = God mode
Right, Square, Down, Circle = 50 grenades and 5 bullets
Right, Square, Square, Down = Fat mode
Down, Square, Triangle, Down = Villains float upwards when shot
Right, Square, Triangle, Right = Forward is backward. Backward is forward
Left, Circle, Down, Square = Coordinates
Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Right = Plant scream when shot
10 Triangle's, 4 Right's = Skeleton mode
Down, Circle, Circle, Down, Triangle, Down = Silly mode
Down, Square, Square, Right = 15 Bullets
Right, Up, Down, Down, Square, Right = Unlimited shotgun ammo
   Enter this code repeatedly to gain
   unlimited ammo for all your weapons.

Die Hard 2

Down, Triangle, Right, Square = God mode
Right, Up, Down, Square = Map editor
Down, Square, Triangle, Down = Skeleton mode
Right, Square, Left, Circle, Triangle, Down = Lots of ammo
Left, Triangle, Right, and Down = Fat Mode
Circle, Down, Down, Square, X Square = Fergus mode (everyone looks alike)

Die Hard 3

Left, Triangle, Right, Down = Fat mode
Circle, Down, Down, Triangle, X, Square = Fergus mode
Right, Square, Left, Triangle, X, Square, Down = Car floats in air
Down, Up, Left, Left, Down, Up, Left, Left, Down, Up, Left, Left = Everything is in flat mode
Left, Up, Left, Left, Square, Down = Slow motion
Circle, Right, Down, Square, Triangle, Left = Sky cam mode
Circle, Down, Down, Square, Right = Very slow motion
Right, Circle, Left, Left, Square, Down = Fuzzy dice in car
Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Down, Down, X, X = 999 turbos
Left, Circle, Up, Down, Square, Right = Infinite lives

Extra Weapons
There are several caches of weapons and ammo hidden throughout this game. Here's how to find a few:

Beretta and Unlimited Clips: At the start of the first level shoot the Helicopter and you will get the beretta and have unlimited clips.

Beretta: In the second level after clearing the room destroy the crates and you should have a Beretta as your default weapon!

M16: As soon as the people in the second wave of Die Harder start to shoot at you throw a grenade. The screen should flash "M16". Now the M16 should be your default weapon.

MP5: When you get to the church level, shoot the very first guy who has the red circle around him. After you kill him, the screen should say "MP5."

Level Select, Stop the Clock and More
To turn the clock off in Die Hard 3, Level 1 use the first controller and pause the game. Then hold the R2 button and press Right, Up, Down, Square. If done correctly you will see numbers on the screen. Then on the second controller, hit START and it will say "Hit Triangle to toggle the game clock."

To skip a level in this mode, press LEFT or RIGHT on controller two's d-pad, press CIRCLE to advance to the next bomb, or press SQUARE to reset the game.

Play as an Alien
To change your car into an alien ship, go to the Central Park level on Die Hard with a Vengeance. Enter this password to get there:

At the beginning of the level, pause the game and go to Quit, but don't quit. Hold R2 and press Right, Square, Triangle, Down, X, X, X. You'll then see the Roswell Screen. Return to the game and notice the differences!

Ride a Baby Stroller
To ride in a baby stroller, make your way to the "rain" level. As soon as you can drive, perform a 180 degree turn. If you did it right, a cop car will race past you. Follow the cop (or the blue arrow if you lose site of him) until you reach a parking lot. Here you will find an extra life, a time bonus, and a baby stroller you can ride!
Ride a Garbage Truck
On the first level, turn around and drive in the wrong direction. A blue arrow will appear. If you follow it you will be able to drive a garbage truck.
Ride a School Bus
In level 9 (Chin2) make it to the first car chase and follow the truck. You will soon come to a parking lot where you can chose to become a school bus.
Unlimited Beretta Clips
If you have a beretta, use all but 1 bullet before you exit the level. As you're running into the elevator fire the final bullet. If you did it right you'll have unlimited beretta ammo in the next level.
Upgrade Your Gun
Note: As far as we know, this only works in Die Hard I. Please let us know if it works in Die Hard II and III.

Type in "RUDDER" and get the infinite shotgun. Then pause the game, hold R2, and type RUDDER in again. This gives you the infinite machine gun! You can do this code as many times as you want and each time you end up with a different gun.