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Extra Levels
There are several levels hidden in this game. Here's how to find a few of them.

Egypt 1:
Pick any racing team, then start the race. Drive over 3 wooden bridges, after 3rd start to slow down. On your right you will see an old EGYPTIAN BUILDING, find a way up to it (Drive along the edge of the sand). Once up there drive all the way around this building. There will be a squared shaped object (GOLD in colour). Run over it and you will enter the EXTRA LEVEL.

Moscow 1:
Pick the all red team (AHMED). If you come in first you'll go to MOSCOW 2. Then keep same team and start second level. It's now raining. Start race almost to the end of the race you will see a BIG JUMP (cant miss it) Hit the jump while moving to the left (IF YOU MISS, TURN AROUND AND DO IT AGAIN.) You have to jump the gard rail. Once this is done you will see a BUILDING with lots of windows, There is a laneway on each side of this building go down the left side and you will see the GOLD object run over it. This takes you to the EXTRA LEVEL.

Switzerland 1:
Pick the all red team (AHMED). Race until you go through two tunnels, After the second tunnel you will see a bunch of cottages and people on your left. If you are going fast enough you should be able to jump over the shoulder of the road. Then all you have to do is look behind the cottages and find the GOLD object for the EXTRA LEVEL.