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All Tracks
To unlock all tracks, perform the following actions exactly as shown. *NOTE*: not only will this code give you all tracks, but access to all the tracks from Jet Moto 1.
  1. Set the game to MASTER difficulty and 5 laps per race.
  2. Press X on Li'l Dave then return to the title screen.
  3. Press Up, Down, Left, Right, R2, R1, L2, L1 within four seconds.
  4. Set the game to 3 laps per race.
  5. Press X on Wild Ride, then return to the title screen.
  6. Press Up, Left, Down, Right, Square, R2, Circle, L2 within four seconds. You should hear a tone.
  7. Now set the game to AMATEUR dificulty with turbos off.
  8. Press X on Bomber and return to the title screen yet again.
  9. Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right within four seconds.
  10. Set to PROFESSIONAL difficulty and turn turbos on again.
  11. Finally, press R2, R1, L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L2.
Bonus Character and Tracks
To race as Enigma, beat all ten tracks at Master Difficulty. When you get Enigma, there is also a new difficulty level that opens up called Insane!

It is also possible to race on the original Jet Moto tracks depending on who you used to beat the Master Level. For instance beating it with the Max gets you joy ride! Happy hunting!

Fast Aerial
To come up with at least 1 aerial on any jump do either of the following:

Hold L2 + L1 + Down-Left.


Hold R2 + R1 + Down-Left.

Major Air
In Slickrock George near the end the waterfall with the left hand signs on it go as fast as you can and hit it. You should be on top of the waterfall if you got enough speed. And hold down x until the force of the fall doesn't suck you back down. Look for a big hole and hit your turbos and catch some MAJOR AIR!!!
Race as Enigma
Go to the options screen and set the difficulty to master and six laps per race. Go to the title screen and quickly press Left, Square, Down, Triangle, Right, Circle, L1, R1 (within four seconds.)
After Shock: On the map for After Shock you'll see two squares at the bottom. Go to the top of the second one and go through the little hole in the left arrow sign. Now go to th left turn right agian and you see the little canal. Use a turbo once you are on either the left or the right side.

Slickrock Gorge: Try this shortcut on Slickrock Gorge. When coming around one of the last few turns on the river you should see a large hole in the canyon wall and a rock directly in front of it in the water. Head for the rock and jump through the hole. Follow the river to the left and you'll be brought out just past the checkpoint on your way to the start/finish line.

Ka-Ma-Te: In the track Ka-Ma-Te there is a shortcut right at the beginning when you enter the swamp. There is a green ramp to the left of the entrance which you can use to lift yourself to a bridge which cuts across part of the track.

Rollercide: In the track of rollercide, there is a shortcut which can save you valuable time, and put you in the lead if you are good enough to do it. After the first suicide turn(where the bell is) go straight instead of heading down into the full circle turn. If you aim it right and head between the signs, you can fly straight across to the main part of the lap.

The Shaft: In "The Shaft", after you go through the tunnel around the first turn of the track, you have to make a jump. As you leave the tunnel, go to the left of the big rock in the middle of the track. Go off the jump at an angle so that you almost hit the right wall. If done correctly, you will land very close to the turn-around point and still be given the check point at the beginning of the S-turn. This shortcut will gain you anywhere from 2 to 6 positions!

Trophy Tricks
Earning a trophy unlocks several cheat codes. Here's what you get for each racer.
Racer         Trick
Lil' Dave     Upside Down Cam
Wild Ride     Super Brakes
Blade         TV Cam
Technician    Cyberspace Cam
The Max       Unlimited Turbos
Vampeera      Super Agility
Gadget        Unlimited Grapple
Steele        Remote Control
The Hun       Ice Racing
Bomber        Zero Resistance