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FAQ's and Strategy Guides
For playing tips, move lists and other information, please read the Lost World: Jurassic Park FAQ from
99 Lives and all DNA
The passwords below start the game with 99 lives and all DNA keys.
Compy   X,X,O,T,S,X,S,X,O,S,T,S
Character Select
Enter these codes at the Password screen. In the passwords below, S = Square, X = X, O = Circle and T = Triangle.
Character  Password
Hunter     S, X, O, T, X, O, S, T, S, X, O, X
Prey       T, X, T, X, O, X, S, T, T, S, O, X
Raptor     S, X, O, T, X, O, S, T, X, S, O, X
T-Rex      T, S, O, S, X, T, T, O, S, T, T, X
Extra Life on Level 1
In the first level, run left instead of right and you will get an extra life. Every time you die you can pick up this extra life and have the same amount of live as when you started!
Flight and Limited Invincibility
On any of the Human Prey or Hunter levels, hold L1 + Up, then jump and shoot. You will now be able to fly around and shoot extremely rapidly. As long as you are shooting rapidly you will be invincable.
God Mode
While playing, press L1+Up+X+Square. Hold these buttons down Until your gun stops shooting darts.

Important: This code only works in Human and Prey levels.

Level Select
At the Password Screen press Square, X, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, X, Square. This must be done three times.
Secret Movie
Enter the Debug code three times, then go to the MOVIES screen and scroll down until there's nothing next to your selection arrow. Now press X to view the secret ending.
Start with 59 Lives
At the "Press Start" screen press Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Circle, Square , Triangle, X, Circle. The game will start but sound effects will be off. Now exit the game, fix the sounds (in Options) and re-enter the code.
View Galleries
To view a gallery, enter one of the passwords below. In the passwords below, S = Square, X = X, O = Circle and T = Triangle.
Gallery   Password
Compy     X, T, T, S, X, O, T, S, T, O, X, O
General   S, O, S, O, O, O, S, O, S, O, S, O
Hunter    T, X, S, T, O, X, S, O, T, S, X, O
Prey      T, S, O, S, X, T, T, O, X, S, T, T 
Raptor    O, S, T, X, O, T, S, X, O, S, X, T
T-Rex     T, T, O, S, T, X, T, S, S, X, T, O
Sarah     C, C, X, X, T, X, T, S, X, X, T, T