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FAQ's and Strategy Guides
For playing tips, move lists and other information, please read the Madden NFL '97 FAQ from
Block All Field Goal Attempts
Choose 3-4 instead of special teams. Then choose 52 angle man 3 (push X as soon as you enter the 3-4 menu). Push X once before the ball is snapped so that the middle man is being controlled. When the ball is snapped, press DOWN. He will weave to the left a little bit to get by the lineman. (You don't need to move him back.) Run towards the ball and, immediately before the kicker kicks it, push TRIANGLE to make him jump. It works every time!
Cinema Screen
If you hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 you will get a secret cinema screen.
Hidden Teams
To access the 8 hidden teams, enter an exibition game. Select any two teams and pick the controllers. Next enter a user record name of "TIBURON" and press X to accept. Finally, press Circle to return to the team select page. There should be 8 more teams: All-Madden All-Time, 50's & 60's, All 70's, All 80's, AFC pro bowl team, NFC pro bowl team, EA Sports Team, and Team Tiburon.
Playing Tip
For a sure first down every time choose Shotgun Formation, then choose normal then the play double flags. Pass it to the C reciever and run up the right side line after the catch. when the group of defence men catch up to you run backwards around them and let your team block them. Then your home free for about 45-55 yards.
Secret Menu
At the "Playstation" logo hold Down + L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 until you see a menu. It will look just like the regular one ecxept the options will be different and there's no sound when you scroll through the them. The menu has all of the outcomes of the end of the game.
Video Player
When the game is starting and the black screen with the Playstation logo appears, hold R2 to bring up a video player.