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This move gives your opponent a small amount of life so they can continue fighting. To execute it, hold RUN and press Down, Down, Down, then release RUN. Do this on the third round when the announcer says "Finish him!" It works best if you stay out of close range.
More Options
At the trademark screen, press Square, X, Circle, Triangle, R1, R1, R2. R2, R1, R1. You should hear Shao Kahn say, "You will never win." Press Up when the screen with the spinning MK3 logo on the cube that says: "Kombat" is on-screen. A question mark appears. Use this option for a plethora of cheats, including playing as Smoke and unlimited credits.
Options Screen
When a "story" screen appears, press X, L1, L2. Press Start to go to the Kombat Kube screen, then press Up to reveal a question mark. Select this for some special options.
Play as Smoke
To play as Smoke, enter the code "010-696" on the Kombat Kode screen.
Ultimate Kombat Screen
To get to the Ultimate Kombat Kode screen easily, rotate the controller counterclockwise twice during Story Mode.
Unlimited Continues
During story mode press Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Down.