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Bloopers Reel
Hidden in the game are a series of outakes from the games cinemas that any MK fan would really want to see. Unfortunately, they are extremely difficult to get and only MK MASTERS will be able to see them.

After conquering Shinnok, you'll need to defeat his alter ego as well. The only move that you have that can hurt the second incarnation of Shinnok is the polar blast. Recharge with an urn and repeat the whole thing until he's dead. It'll take five hits to kill him off, so you'll need at least four urns.

After you beat him, exit through the portal and after the credits you will get to see the extra movies.

Cheat Codes
Enter these codes at the password screen.
Password      Effect
ZCCHRY        Reveal codes
RCKMND        View an exploding Earth boss
CRVDTS        Display credits
GTTBHR        Infinite lives
NXCVSZ        Start with extra urns
Level 1 Finishing Move
At the end of stage one when you defeat the boss, (Scorpion), it will say FINISH HIM!! To perform the head rip fatality move one step away and motion Forward, Down, Forward, High Punch on the control. Then watch as Subbie tears of Scorpions head sending blood everywhere.
Level  Password
2      THWMSB
3      CNSZDG
4      ZVRKDM
5      JYPPHD
6      RGTKCS
7      QFTLWN
8      XJKNZT
Ultimate Cheat
Enter the password ZCHRRY to transport to level 8. If you die before you reach a checkpoint, press L1 to fight Quan Chi or L2 to fight Shinnok.