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At the Options screen hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + UP until the screen shakes. Then go to the green question mark and it will give you new options to choose from. These are the things you can choose from: one button fatalities, health recovery, instant aggressor, normal boss damage, and low damage.

If you choose 1-button fatalities,they are as follows:


Classic Characters
For classic versions of Rayden, Jax, Kung Lao, or Kano, press Select to choose one of these fighters.
Kombat Codes
P1 1/2 Energy: 033-000
P2 1/2 Energy: 000-033
P1 1/4 Energy: 707-000
P2 1/4 Energy: 000-707
Super Endurance: 024-689
P1 Does 1/2 The Damage: 390-000
P2 Does 1/2 The Damage: 000-390
No Special Moves: 555-556
Combos Disabled: 722-722
Unikkorn Referi-Sans Power: 044-440
  (You Start On Round 3 With 1% Energy)   
Throwing Disabled: 100-100
Blocking Disabled: 020-020

Different Kombats

Dark Kombat: 688-422
Silent Kombat: 300-300

Winner of the 1st Round Fights…

Classic Smoke: 205-205
Noob Saibot: 769-342
Motaro: 969-141
Shao Khan: 033-564


Go See The Mk Live Tour: 550-550
Rain Can Be Found In The Grave Yard: 717-313
There Is No Knowledge That Is Not Power!: 123-926
Hold Flippers During Casino Run: 987-666
No Fear, Max Countdown, E B Button,Skydive: 282-282
Whacha Gun Do? E.B.: 004-400
Skunky!!: 122-221

Other Codes

Invisible Energy Bars: 987-123
Unlimited Run: 466-466
Hyper Run Jumps: 321-789
Throwing Encouraged: 001-010
Uppercut Recovery: 788-322
Level Select
To select your starting level in 1-player or Vs mode, highlight Sonya and pressing Up + Start.
Play as Chameleon
To play as Chameleon choose any MALE ninja and hold Left + R1 + R2 + Square + Triangle until the match begins.
Random Character Selection
To randomly choose your fighter, hold Up + Start on the Character Select screen.