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Camera Lock
This trick will lock the camera behind your ship. To activate, pause the game and press Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Start.
Full Shields
Pause the game and press Select, Circle, Right, Up, Up, L1, L1, X.
Move Enemies and Obstacles
This code will add some variety to the game by moving the enemies and obstacles in each tube. To enter it, pause the game and press R1, R1, Up, Circle, Square, Triangle, L2, X. The change will take effect on the next level.
The following passwords are for the NORMAL level of difficulty.
Level  Password
1      S,X,X,X,S,S,T,X,S
2      T,S,X,X,S,S,T,X,X
3      O,S,X,X,X,S,T,X,X
4      T,X,S,X,X,X,O,X,S
5      O,X,S,X,X,S,T,X,O
6      T,S,S,X,X,X,S,X,T
7      T,X,X,S,S,T,T,X,X
8      S,X,X,S,S,T,X,T,S
Psuedo First-person
For an approximation of a cockpit view, pause the game and press Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Select, Start.
Random Curving Tubes
For a change of pace, pause the game and press Circle, Select, Left, Square, Square, Down, Up, X.
Ultimate Weapon
To start the game with the ultimate weapon (a Lightning Bolt Special with unlimited use), enter the password "X,S,T,O,S,O,X,T".
Warp Speed
Pause the game and press Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X.