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Beachball Mode
To play with a beachball, press Pass, Pass, Turbo, Extreme, Turbo, Pass, Pass before the tip-off.
Big Feet
When you're asked if you want to keep a record, say YES. After you enter your initials and birthday you'll be asked if you want a big head. Highlight your answer, then hold RIGHT on the d-pad for big feet.
Bonus Game
To access a four-player bonus game, push UP on all four controllers, then press Extreme while exiting the Select screen.
Bonus Players
Name                        Initials       Birthdate

(sports team)
Junior Seau                  JR_               6-1
John Elway                   WAY               9-30
Frank Thomas                 BIG              12-6
Marv Albert                  MRV              12-31
Newt Gingrich                NEW               8-12
XX Samoa                     TVH               6-6

(special sports team)
Cheryl Swoops                SWO               1-1
Rebecca Lobo                 LOB               7-4
Carol Blazejowski            BLZ               3-1
Bob Lanier                   LAN               9-10
Air Nick                     ARN               5-18
George Gervin                ICE               4-27

(Sculptured 1)
Dwain Skinner                DAS               2-21
Dave Ross                    DJR               6-8
Jeff Peters                  JBP               5-17
Daren Smith                  DRS               4-10
Mike Callahan                MWC               5-1
The TinMan                   TIM               1-24

(Sculptured 2)
Mark Ganus                   MMG               9-16
Roy Wilkens                  RNW               9-15
Rob Dautel                   RAD               3-19
James Hebdon                 JPH               4-26
Dean Morrell                 DSM               5-9
Mike Peery                   MJP               5-26

(Squid team)
Melissa Pardike              MAP               3-26
Jane Bradley                 JLB               5-23
Jonathan Dansie              JWD               8-2
Lee Phung                    LEE               1-1
Jason Greenburg              JAY               4-18
Chris Hawkes                 CDH               2-21

(Acclaim Team 1)
XX Weasel                    DAN               2-1
Magic Hair                   SET              12-8
XX Sequia                    SDR               4-10
XX Pistol                    WAN               6-10

(Acclaim Team 2)
Mark Shafer                  XTL               5-2
Bob Davidson                 RAD              10-18
XX Fumongus                  GUN               1-11
Geoff Higgins                GCH               4-13
Air Dog                      SAM               1-21
Ice Princess                 MDK              12-24

(Happy Team)
Pirate Bill                  SAL               2-22
MR. Happy                    MJT               3-22
MR. Unhappy                  GEM              11-3
Dufus the Clown              GRR               6-19
Three Feet Under             TOD               4-17
Oooh                         LJH               1-26

(Invisible Team)
Who                          WHO               1-1
Brained                      BCS               1-17
Monkey Boy                   PJP              11-2
Howie                        BCE               7-10
Jim Jung                     JKJ              12-13
Bonus Teams
Enter these codes on the "Initials" screen. Hold L1 + R1 while entering them.
Access All Teams       JBP  May 17
Smiley Team            MJT  March 22
Misfit Team            MSS  October 26
Celebrity Team         BIG  December 6
Special Sports         LAN  September 10
Invisible Team         PJP  November 2
East All Star Team 1   LMH  June 28
East All Star Team 2   EST  March 14
West All Star Team 1   WST  July 12
West All Star Team 2   RMC  April 21
Rookie Team 1          SCT  November 14
Rookie Team 2          REG  January 17
Rookie Team 3          BAP  August 11
Half-size Players
At the BIG HEAD screen, press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, UP, then hit "Yes".
Permanent Turbo
On the Vs. screen, hold TURBO and press UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN.
Pre Tip-off Codes
The following codes are done prior to the tip off. All players must be on the court before you start a code.
CPU Assistance OFF:

Soccer Ball:

Quick Hands:

Powered Push:
Turbo(2x), Pass(2x), Turbo(2x), Pass(2x), Turbo(2x), Pass(2x), Turbo(2x)

Legal Goal Tending:

Maximum Rebound:
Pass(2x), Extreme, Special, Extreme, Turbo

Maximum Three-pointers:

Dead Eye Dick Mode:

Super Rainbow Shots:
Random Character Select
To pick a player at random, press Up + R1 at the same time.
Random Team Select
At the team select screen, press Up + R1 at the same time.
Record Codes
Enter these codes at the KEEP RECORD screen:
Start in playoffs:

Start at Shootout:

Start in Finals:

Start with 2 game won in playoffs:

Start with 3 games won in playoffs:

Sound Test:
Secret Character Selection
Press DOWN, R1, L1 at character select screen. This blocks out the pictures of the characters and teams so your opponent can't see you've selected.
Soccer Ball Mode
To play with a soccer ball, press Pass, Pass, Turbo, Turbo, Extreme, Extreme, Extreme before the tip-off.
Turn Off Crowds and Turbo Meters
Hold Extreme + Pass + Up until the VS. Screen appears.