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Bonus Players
The producers and programmers can get into the action with this trick. Enter any of the names below on the "Create A Player" screen. Be sure to press Start at the last letter of each name or it won't work.

Note: These players will be added to the free agent list, but they don't count as created players. You'll still be able to create 40 characters of your own design.

Aaron Grant             Dave Warfield           Michael Vanaselja
Adam MacKay-Smith       David Bollo             Novell Thomas
Al Murdoch              David Laviolette        Renata Antonic
Allan Johanson          Dom Humphrey            Robert White
Amory Wong              Ed Fletcher             Sam Nelson
Brent Nielson           Ernie Johnson           Sean O'Brien
Brian Krause            Giovanni Sasso          Sebastiaan Reinarz
Brian Wideen            Greg Allen              Sheila Allan
Casey O'Brien           Ivan Allen              Stan Chow
Cindy Green             Jeff Mair               Steve Royea
Crispin Hands           Kim Gill                Tarrnie Williams
Dan Scott               Marcus Lindblom         Traz Damji
Daniel Ng               Mark Soderwall          Zoe Quinn
Daryl Anselmo           Michael Klassen
Cheat Menu
At the Game Setup menu press L1, X, X, L1, X, Square, R1, X, Square, R1, Circle. Next hold Up + Right + Triangle + Square for about two seconds. Another screen may appear while you're entering the code. This is normal.

Finally, press Start to load the game and hold L1 + R1 + Up + Right + Triangle + X + Square + Circle until the game is loaded. If you did this right you will enter a secret cheat menu. Here's how to use it:

To return to the game, hold Triangle + X on Controller One.

Note: To change all the players on the cheat list, you must use a PlayStation multitap and have all controllers plugged in.

Michael Jordon Clone
To play with a Micheal Jordan replica, go to the bottom of the Bulls line-up and reorder your roster so that number 99 is in the line-up. It doesn't give his name, but #99 has Jordan's attributes.
View Credits
At the main menu, press Circle four times to view the credits.