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Alley Oop
While playing, press L2 + X to pass. One of your players should catch the ball and do a two-handed jam.
Behind the Back Dribble
While playing, press and hold L2. When the player starts to drive, press SQUARE.
Black Jerseys
Go to SEASON on the main screen (don't change any rules or anything). Go to 28 games in a season and 1-1-1-1 for the playoffs. Take Chicago as your team and simulate all games until you reach Golden State. Start the game and you should have black jerseys, but if not abort the simulation, go to L.A. Lakers and play.

This code works with the Magic, Heat, and Bucks also but you have to start a game and abort it. The Magic play the Rockets, The Heat play Golden State, The Bucks play the Knicks.

Bonus Teams
At the Custom Team menu enter any the following names:
EA Europals
Hitmen Allsorts
Hitmen Coders
Hitmen Earplugs
Hitmen Idlers
Hitman Pixels
QA Campers
QA DBuggers
QA Testubes
TNT Blasters
Easter Eggs
To enable easter eggs, begin a normal game and enter your name as "Secrets." Press START to confirm the name then press CIRCLE to activate the Secrets menu.

To Enter a Code
To use one of these codes, go to the SECRETS menu, highlight "ENTER SECRET CODE:" and press the X button. Enter the following code(s) just as you would enter a user name, then press START. If you typed the code correctly, it becomes available. All codes are case sensitive!

Aqua Court
Secret Code:   Seaweed 
Description:   Underwater seaweed court
Halloween Team Home
Secret Code:   Scary 
Description:   Home Team dresses up in Halloween costumes

Halloween Team Away
Secret Code:    Freaky 
Description:    Away Team dresses up in Halloween costumes

Home Invisible
Secret Code:    Cloak home 
Description:    Home team selected player is invisible.

Code Name:      Away Invisible
Secret Code:    Cloak away 
Description:    Away team selected player is invisible.

Player Eyepatch
Secret Code:    Eyepatch 
Description:    Create player w/ eyepatch.

Player Monocle
Secret Code:    Monocle 
Description:    Create player w/ monocle

EA Toque 
Secret Code:    Toque
Description:    Create player EA Toque.

Secret Code:    Prisoners 
Description:    Hitman, be FREE! 

Chameleon Home
Secret Code:    Lizard 
Description:    Chameleon Home Team.

Chameleon Away
Secret Code:    Reptile 
Description:    Chameleon Away Team

To Change Options For A Code You’ve Entered
Highlight the code and press left/right on the D-Pad. Most codes have more than one setting, so cycle through the options until you’ve seen them all. The settings that are active when you exit from the Secrets menu will be used in the next game you play. Code settings remain in effect until you change them or turn off your PlayStation game console.

Tip from EA Sports
Save your settings to a memory card IMMEDIATELY after you enter the code. This way, you’ll never have to type in the code again.

Fake Shoot and Pass
When you have the ball on offense press CIRCLE then press X and it will fake a shot and pass in midair.
Play with Bears
Enter the "scary" and "freaky" codes, then type in "Pin rocks." Answer "both" to the question you're asked, then look under the halloween costumes for the adorable bear code. (You may need to exit the secret area codes and then re-enter to intiate the code.)
Second Road Jersey for the Bull, Magic, Heat, and Bucks
First go into season mode and pick the Bulls, Magic, Heat, or Bucks. Then press 'X' button until you get to a road game, press the start button, and then abort the game. Then press the 'X' button untill you get to Golden State for the Bulls and Heat, Huston for the Magic and Newyork for the Bucks.
Special Free-Throw Shots
To do a Granny shot when at the free throw line, hold R1 while the ball is moving up and down the T bar, then press X.

To spin the ball in the players hands, hold L1 while the ball is moving up and down the T bar, then press X.

Hold L1 while shooting a free throw to do a warmup shot.