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Bonus Teams
In Exhibition Mode, enter your name as TIBURON or EASPORTS. Then, back out using the circle until you get to the team select screen. Then, you will be able to choose the Tiburon team or EA Sports team. Next press SELECT (for Rival Mode) and you will have a rival game between Tiburon and EA Sports, where all the players have abilities of 100.

Finally, go to Stadium select and you will be able to play at the Orange Bowl (old and new), Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl, Big 12 Championship, SEC Championship, MAC Championship, WAC Championship, Tiburon home Stadium, EA Sports Home Stadium and the place where it all happens; the practice field.

Enter the following passwords on the User Record screen:
Code               Effect
ELECTRICH          Electrical Football
SEE FMV            Enables the FMV menu
WHOLE POLL         See 112 teams in the poll
GB SPEED           Fast players
COOLSITE           Show all stadiums
EASPORTS           EA sports team
TIBURON            Tiburon teams
SHORT QUART        15 second quarters
Hidden Stadiums
Go to the STADIUM SELECT screen in EXHIBITION MODE. Now hold L2 + R2 to select a stadium at random. Release those butotns, then press them again to select another stadium. Repeat this process several times then scroll to the bottom of the stadium list. If you don't see the new stadiums, repeat the random selection a few more times and try again.
MVP Pose
When you're inside the 5-yard line, press and hold L2+R2 to perform an MVP pose.
Playing Tip
If you need some yards, pick shotgun, then Hail Mary. If the line of scrimmage is on the left side, get your quarterback and run up the right side. Do the exact opposite if the line of scrimmage is on the right. If your quarterback is fast enough, you'll get some yardage.
Team Passwords
In order to use the team passwords, you must enter them in the User Records screen during an exhibition game. As you enter the last letter of a password, you should hear "It's in the Game." Then scroll BACKWARDS two screens to the Team Select screen. The teams you entered will then be available at the beginning of the alphabetical list. All of these passwords can be entered on the User Records screen at one time - after you hear "It's in the Game," just keep overwriting the same slot with a new password. The last password can be cleared without affecting the cheats. I cannot find a way to save any of the passwords to memory.
Password  Team
JEXLAD    Alabama '73
OEDYIJ    Alabama '78
WHVCIR    Alabama '89
ZDDJOT    Alabama '92
CEVHETS   Colorado '89
VEWOJ     Florida '96
MYLQLOH   Florida St. '93
RCIXRE    Florida St. '96
ZOWS      Georgia '82
EIWQOH    Miami '83
WEVKIM    Miami '87
WMIXJ     Miami '89
WYGGKEP   Miami '91
ANOYSAJ   Miami '94
BSEPMAJ   Michigan St. '65
KCIZRE    Michigan '91
IGSI      Nebraska '83
EGAXRIM   Nebraska '91
SNXAI     Nebraska '93
BNOYD     Nebraska '94
JNIVED    Notre Dame '73
REGRZOJ   Notre Dame '88
AGIG      Ohio St. '79
HTOYOMS   Oklahoma '85
RSGPC     Oregon '94
IEEIH     Penn St. '78
CCHN      Penn St. '82
HREG      Penn St. '85
AERE      Penn St. '86
DTEL      Penn St. '94
LMTE      UCLA '65
EERC      USC '68
FSYT      USC '79
TSTR      Washington '91
AAYI      West Virginia '88

*Note: Entering any of these codes gives you access to all of the stadiums: Practice, Bowls (new and old), conference, EA, Tiburon on the Stadium Select screen.

Touchdown Celebrations
Immediatly after scoring simultaneously press and hold L1 and L2 then press any of the following:

Heisman Walk - Press X
Hulk Pose - Press Square
Spike Ball - Press R1

Unsportsmanlike Conduct
When you score a touchdown hold L1 and L2 then press the Triangle button to do a flip, the ref will call you for unsportsman like conduct.
View all 112 Teams
To view the entire poll in Season or Dynasty mode, enter WHOLE POLL.
View Any FMV
To view any FMV go to the User Records screen and enter one of the codes below:
Enable FMV Menu    SEE FMV
Show all Stadiums  COOLSITE