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Add Weight to the Car
First enter 'TSYBNS' at the Password screen, then at the car selection screen, select "Car Showcase" and "Mechanical." From here, select "Next Slide." You can now add extra weight to the front of the car you are viewing by pressing L1 and add weight to the back of the car by pressing R1. The weight is marked by the number or red triangles at the end of the car.
Cheat Mode
To enable the cheats below, select Tournament Mode and enter the password "TSYBNS".

Note: This code must be entered before any other code will work.

Desert Springs
To race in the desert, hold L1 + R1 while selecting the Rusty Springs track.
Lunar Springs
To race on the moon, enter the password "MQKZCL" or use the cheat code above, then highlight the Rusty Springs track, hold TRIANGLE and press L1 + R1 simultaneously.
Machine Guns
Blow away the competition with the machine gun. Choose Head to Head mode, then immediately after choosing your opponent's car hold Up + Left + L1 + Square + Circle until the race begins.
Ridge Racer Mode
For a Ridge Racer style of play, hold L1 + R1 while you select the number of laps you want.
Road Rally Mode
To go offroad, hold L1 + R1 while selecting any track except Rusty Springs. This code replaces the pavement with dirt.
Warrior Car
To race in the Warrior Car, enter the Bonus Track code, then exit tournament mode and hold L1 + R1 when selecting a car. Prepare yourself for a rough ride, as this baby accelerates at nearly 2G!