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Bonus Cars
To access these vehicles, enter one of the following passwords.
Password    Vehicle
ARMYME      Army truck
BEETME      Saab
BNZME       Mercedes Benz
BUGME       Volkswagen Bug
BUSME       Bus
CITME       Citreon
CRATME      Crate
JEPME       Jeep Truck
LCME        Toyota Landcruiser
LILZIP      Ford Indigo
LIMOME      Limosine
LOGME       Log
MAZME       Mazda
OUTHME      Outhouse
QUATME      Audi Quattro
SEMIME      Semitrailer cab
SNOWME      Snowplow
STDAME      Green souvenier stand
STDBME      Blue souvenier stand
STDCME      Red souvenier stand
TRAMME      Tram
TREXME      Tyrannosaurus Rex
VANME       Van
VOVME       Volvo wagon
WAGOME      Horseless wagon
YJME        Mid-80's jeep
Bonus Cars for Player Two
In two player mode the second player can also drive a secret car. To do this put a U after the code instead of ME. Example: BUSME for one player and BUSU for the Second player.
Bonus Track
Enter the password "SHOTME" to race through the lots of Monolithic Studios. Remember: not everything is as it seems.
Faster Engine
To upgrade all vehicles to the Pioneer engine, enter the password "POWRUP". For an even faster car, enter this password again.
More Camera Angles
After you pick a race, the game will load. While it is loading, press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2, Triangle, Square, O, X. Let go when the race starts.
North Country Shortcut
Prior to the 1st switchback right after the grey tunnel, slow down and take a sharp right just past the fence. You will bypass the first switchback by doing this.
Offroad in Monolithic Studios
Race in Monolithic Studios until you reach the Jurassic Park segment. After you pass the first two huts on your right, drive about 20 feet and you will be able to turn right and enter the jungle.
Pacific Spirit Shortcuts
  1. At the part where you see the parking lot on the left, enter the parking lot. Now drive on the grass until you reach the road again.
  2. Drive down a logging road, When you reach the long straightaway by the sea. Slow down veer right towards the trees, There is enough room to go in between them, Then you will have a straight stretch on a logging road that runs parallel to the road, Beware it ends where the black mountains start exit the same way, between the trees and to your left.