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Easter Eggs
At the Start Game screen, in either Pre-Season or Season Play press L1, R1, L2, R2. This will bring you to the easter egg screen where you enter codes for the game. To delete an easter egg, enter the code "DOC".
ASSASSIN            Injuries up
ATOMIC BOMB         Explosion on hard hits
BAZOOKA             Quarterback has stronger arm
BIG GIRLS           Cheerleaders are bigger
BIG STARS           Better players are bigger
BLASTERS            More time to pop a receiver and
                    get the ball out
BLIND REF           Referee misses calls
BLIZZARD            Lots of snow
BO KNOWS            Shoulder charge
BRITTLE             More injuries
BROADWAY JOE        Quarterback is slower but more accurate
BUSY REF            Referee calls more penalties
BUTKAS              Defense hits harder
CREDITS             View the game's credits
CRUNCHY             Hits are louder
DARK NIGHT          Darker in stadium
DEFENSE             Better defense
DEMPSEY             Field-goal range increases
DERVISH             Spins are more effective
DOC                 Players don't get hurt
ELECTRIC FB         Players twitch
EQUALIZER           Most players are equal
FLEA CIRCUS         Players are really small
FRIDGE              Players are bigger
FROG                Players jump higher 
GB SPEED            Play is much faster
GD CHALLENGE        Computer is harder
GENIUS              Computer is smarter
GLOVES              Players catch more passes
GOLIATH             Players are bigger and sound like monsters
HANG TIME           Punts and kickoffs stay in the air longer
HATCHET             Forearm shiver juiced
HOGS                Offensive line blocks better
HOME COOKING        Home team has no call-pass interference
                    or personal fouls
ICE SKATES          Players slip around
INFAMOUS POP UPS    Receivers pop the ball very high when hit
INJURIES UP         More injuries
INJURIES DOWN       Fewer injuries
JUGGLER             One handed catches are less effective
JUICE               Speed burst is better
KARATE              Forearm shiver becomes karate chop
KRAIG               More fumbles
LONG JUMP           Players dive further
LOUD MOUTH          Commentator is louder
MANDARICH           Offensive line is at a disatvantage
NO TIME             Unlimited time
NYSE                Swim move is juiced
OFFENSE             Better offense
OUCH                If hit in the air....... Ouch!
PANCAKE             Blockers knock over defenders more frequently
PINBALL             Stronger forearm shiver
PISTON              Jackhammer off a stiff arm
REJECTION           Defensive players jump higher
SAYERS              Opposing defensive players miss tackles
SCRAMBLER           Quarterback moves faster
SHOUT               Crowd is louder
SLO MO              Play is slower
SQUALL              More wind in rain
STEROIDS            Recover specials faster and computer players are faster
STRETCH             Jump higher on one handed catches
TEMPEST             Stadium turns real dark
TIGHT COVER         Defense covers receivers closer
TOAST               Secondary plays farther off receivers
TORRETA             Quarterback lobs passes
TWISTER             Wind is very strong