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Block Punt
First, you go to easter eggs (see below) and enter REJECTION and NYSE (New York Sack Exchange.) Then you start a game and when they are about to punt or kick a field goal you can block it by: Before the snap hold R1. As the ball is snapped hold R1 and Down. When you get close to the kicker press should block the kick and return it for a touchdown 87% of the time.
Easter Eggs
To enter these codes go to the OPTIONS screen and choose EASTER EGGS. Enter any of the codes below in the space provided.
Code              Effect
JUICE             Players move quickly when desperate
HUMONGOUS         Large players
CREDITS           View credits
LOUD MOUTH        Commentator is loud
LEECH             Tighter coverage
HATCHET           Forearm shiver juiced
DEEP GRAY         Smarter computer opponent
AHAB              Players have one foot
INVISIBLE         Players are invisible
COOKIE CUTTER     Players are paper thin
NYSE              Swim move is juiced
REJECTION         Defensive players jump higher
TOAST             Secondary plays farther off receivers
GLOVES            Players catch more passes
FIRE DRILL        Players move fast at all times
LOOK MA           No hands
BLIND REF         No penalties
BUSY REF          More penalties
QUIET CROWD       Quiet fans
EQUAL TEAMS       Teams have equal abilities
SHOW OFF          When you dive, press JUMP to
                  do a roll and keep running
FLEA CIRCUS       Small players
CPU DEFENSE       Better computer defense
CPU OFFENSE       Better computer offense
GD CHALLENGE      Computer plays harder
WATERY AI         Stupid computer
BIG FOOT          Make field goals from long range
THIN AIR          Same as above
FLAT LAND         Players are flat
MCMAHON           Play as shadows
CRUNCH TIME       Louder hits
HORSEMEN          No heads
AIR STRIKE        Quarterbacks throw longer and higher passes
BETTIS            Runningbacks run faster
JACKHAMMER        Players hit harder
Fumble on Purpose
To fumble the ball on purpose, press L2 and R2 at the same time, and the player with the ball will fumble backwards, so make sure you have a teamate behind you!
Hidden Teams
If you are the first player, press UP to pick a Super Bowl team. If you want an All-star team, push UP again at the player selection screen and scroll through by pushing L1 and L2.

If you are second player push down to get to the Super Bowl teams and down again to get to the all star teams. Then scroll through the teams by pushing R1 and R2.

Steal the Ball from the Quarterback
In two-player mode, run up to the quarterback after the hike and press SQUARE. If done correctly, the QB should hand off the ball to you.