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Change Your Player's Jersey Number
If you want to change a player's jersey number on a team, then release that player as a free agent. Then go to create a player and create a player with the jersey number of the other player that you just released. Sign that created player as a free agent. Then, sign the player you released earlier. It should ask you to change that player's jeresy number to a different number.
Changing the Allstar teams players in Season Mode
After your team's last game before the Allstar Break.  Go to rosters menu, Then go to Free Agents and move the teams to one of the Allstar teams.  Release any players that you don't want on that team.  Any NHL players names that you want to have and are not on either Allstar teams.  Create an NHL player and change league to International.  Sign them to the teams you want.  Be careful not to make a mistake after you saved the rosters because you can't delete these players because they are Allstar players  You would have to reset the roster and start all over again.
Cheat Codes
Enter these codes at the password screen.
Code      Effect
STANLEY   View winning movie
GIPTEA    Easy win vs. team England
NHLKIDS   Players and goalies are tiny
PLAYTIME  Tiny players with normal heads
          and large goalies with huge heads.
BIGBIG    All the players are huge.
BRAINY    Players have big heads.
EAEAO     Activates the EA Blades team.
3RD       Selects a team's 3rd jersey if
          they have one.
FREEEA    Adds game developers to the free agent list.
MASKDMAN  Wear team's third jersey if they have one.
Easy 5:00 Power Play
To get an easy 5:00 minute power play you need to be in a fight. Let your opponent beat you up, it's important that you don't press any buttons and the referee will call a 5:00 minute major on them and nothing on you. It works every time.
Easy Goal
Turn on Icing and Offsides off. Start behind the red line and get a player in the other team's attack zone. Pass it to him and the goalie should put his hand up signaling an icing call. That leaves both sides of the net open for a goal. It doesn't work every time but you have to get good at it.
Pull Computer's Goalie
At any time during regular play, hit START them select Controllers, switch the controller to the other team. Return to the menu, go to Goalie and select PULL. Press START to go back to the game then hit START, select Controllers again, and switch the controller back to your original team. When you resume play the computer's goalie will be gone giving you free access to the goal!
Sky View on Fights
As soon as the players line up for a scrap, hit START to get to the pause menu. Go into Instant Replay, then hit Start twice to get back out to the game. You'll have a bird's-eye view of the fight.
Super Players
To get super players create a player and enter any of the names from the credits list in the back of the instruction manual.