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This trick needs two players:
  1. Both player must choose Armadon on any stage
  2. Each player must execute three Spinnng Death moves at the same time (Forward, Down/Forward, Down, Square + Circle)
  3. If you did it right you can play 2 frames of bowling down worshippers!
Caveman Volleyball
This trick requires two players:
  1. In a two-player game, play until you reach the Cove stage (the beach with the temples on both sides)
  2. When a caveman runs into the foreground after a combo, swat him into the air to your opponent, who should hit it back to you.
  3. After a couple of passes, a volleyball net appears, complete with referee on a tall chair. You lose a point if you eat the "ball."
Falling Cows
This trick requires two players:
  1. In the 2-player game you must be on Ruin's stage and one player must be Chaos
  2. When the timer is just about to run out have Chaos perform a Fart of Fury (hold Triangle+Circle and press Down, Forward, Up, Back)
  3. If the green cloud is in the air when the timer reaches 0, cows will fall instead of fireballs when the match goes into sudden death!