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Clock Tip
If you look at the pool table in the Bar Room of the Guest House, you'll notice cue balls reading 12, 6, 3, 9, a clock dial at the end of the table, and 2 cue sticks. This represents a clock; the numbers represents the numbers of a clock, and the cue sticks represents the hands of a clock, the shorter hand being the hour hand and the longer stick being the minute hand. For Jill's storyline, it reads 3:45 and for Chris's storyline, it reads 2:15. What this tip does is that it makes it easier to open the door with the numbered key-pad lock in the beehive room. For Jill, enter 3, 4, 5 and the door will unlock. For Chris, enter 2, 1, 5, and the door will unlock.

Note: The numbers must not have been played with previously for trick to work.

Hunting Tips
To kill Zombies in one shot, let them walk right in front of you. Then aim high with the Shotgun and fire. Poof! Dead zombies.

For acid-spitting zombies, let the zombies get pretty close, then fire three steady shots with your Beretta. This will save you a lot of ammo.

To kill spiders quick, here's what to do. If you're Jill, arm the Bazooka with Flame rounds. Then when you encounter a spider let it get pretty close (or if you like, when it's ready to bite you), than fire! This works only agaist medium-sized spiders. You can try the Acid rounds, but it might take a shot or two more. For Chris, if you can pick up the flamethrower, use it agaist the huge spider. Just fire until it's dead.

New Clothes
If you complete the game and rescue everyone then you will be awarded a secret key. To do this:
  1. You must get all the MO Disks located in the rooms of the three floors.
  2. After you get all three Disks, go to the room that is near the the stairs. Once inside move all the way to the end of the hallway. There should be a computer terminal located on the wall. When all the cards are inserted, the door will open.
  3. Go inside the door and follow the path until you come to another door.
  4. After this is done, go to the elevator which will take you to the fourth floor. Here is you will first encounter the last level leader, Tyrant. (He's relatively easy, just run around the room and shoot him. The Magnum and (Jill) bazooka works best.)
  5. After he is dead, run back to the room where you met either Chris or Jill and free him/her.
  6. Once he/she is freed run to the elevator located next to the main entrance. There should be a trunk there, arm yourself with a lot of herbs and spray. Leave one spot open because you will need it for the battery that you will receive along the way.
  7. After you get outside, take the signal flare that is in a box next to the door, and lite it.
  8. The helicopter should appear. Once the helicopter tries to land, the leader Tyrant also shows up. He's much harder now so make sure you have a lot of bullets and herbs. After about 10 shots, the helicopter will drop a rocket launcher. Quickly run and get and use it on Tyrant.
  9. Once he's dead, the game ends. After the credits scroll by, a screen should appear which says: "You have received the special key." Use this key on the 2nd floor of the mansion. It should be the only room that is left unexplored.
  10. After you open the door and go into the closet, move all the way to the end of the rack of clothes. A message should appear which says:

    "There is an outfit that fits you perfectly, do you want to put it on?"

    Click "Yes" and your characters' clothing will change.

Remove Emblems
To remove the emblems from the Doom books, examine the books and turn them on their side with the pages facing you. Press X to open the books and retrieve their emblems.
Rocket Launcher
For unlimited use of the Rocket Launcher finish the game within three hours. After the credits roll you'll see a rocket fly by. Wait for the game to restart, then choose to play on. You'll start the new game with a rocket launcher!
Save Some Ammo
When playing as Jill the first Zombie you come to is in the corridor over Kenneth's body. As soon as the Zombie starts coming at you, run into the dinning room where Barry is. Barry will ask what's wrong, and then kill the approaching Zombie. This will save you a few rounds of valuable ammunition.
Enter the room with the number pad in the dormitory. To create V-Jolt mix UMB No. 2 with water to create the No. 3 chemical. Then mix UMB No. 2 with UMB No. 4 to create Yellow-06. Then mix No. 3 with UMB No. 4 to create No. 7. Next mix Yellow-06 with No. 7 to get No. 13. Finally make more No. 3 and then mix it to No. 13 to make V-Jolt.

An easy way to remember is 1+2=3, 3+4=7, 4+2=6, 6+7=13, 13+3=16 (Water=1.)