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Black Car
To drive the black car, you must come in first in any race against it.
Bonus Cars
At the Now Loading screen, destroy all the enemies and get a perfect score. When you start the game, more cars will be available.
Change the Music
Just start a normal game of ridge racer and when you start to race, pause the game. Open the CD thingy and take out Ridge Racer. Next, place the music CD in, close the cover and play. Now, you will be able to play all of Ridge Racer and listen to your own CDs.

This will not harm you PSX in any way. If you don't want to listen anymore, just put the Ridge Racer CD back in.

Race Backward on Extra Tracks
Start a race on any of the extra tracks. From the starting line, turn the car around when you reach 60 mph. A wall appears at the starting line. Drive through the wall and race the track backward.
Race Backward on Normal Tracks
Start a race on any of the tracks and turn the car around just before you get on the main track. As you speed toward the starting line, you see a wall and a sign that tells you that you are going the wrong way. Drive through the wall. Now you can race backward against the computer-controlled cars.
Wave the Flags
At the title screen, press any two shoulder buttons (R1, R2, L1, L2). Now you can control the flags with your d-pad and the other buttons.