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Extra Cars
Beat Galaga '88 by getting a perfect score of 40. Go to the Select option and you can pick your cars.
Laser in Galaga '88
When the bonus game plays (Galaga '88) hold L1 + R1 + Triangle + Select + Down. A laser blast will shoot all the aliens for a perfect score. Because of this all the cars will be miniaturized.
Mirror Tracks
When you begin a race drive just a tiny bit out then turn around. There should be a wall there. Drive at it at top speed and if you do it right you'll go through it and start at the beginning again but this time everything should be backwords!
Secret Cars
Take first in each track (novice, advanced, expert) then go back and race each track in Time Trial mode. After beating a track you will then have access to the special car for that track. The three cars are: Devil #13, Kid Car #13 and White Angel #0.
At the Game Start/Options screen, hold L1 + R1. While you are holding these you can use the control pad to move the spotlight around, press Square to make it larger, or press X to make it smaller.
While playing in the external view, pause the game. To zoom in and out, hold Triangle and press L1 or R1.