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Dream Super Combo (DSC)
This attack is acquired by specializing in Fighting skills. Liza is the best as she can get this developed the quickest, but others will work… just be prepared for a long wait (Fei-on took me 23 hours of work to get all the skills)
Babel Crumble
Giant Swing

Equip all four on a single character and the DSC option will appear in your attack menu. Warning! This takes 18 WP, so save it for bosses or if you're just experience building.

Easy Money
Money can be pretty hard to come by, but there is a way to gain access to an infinite amount of funds:

Simply go to the Junk Shop in Scrap (located in the lower right hand corner) and pay the shopkeeper for your choice of items (you can pick 7.) After taking your items from the barrels and boxes, go and talk to the shopkeeper again. Tell him you'd like to sell, and point to the last item on the list, the Hyperion Bazooka. Press the accept button several times, regardless of whether or not you actually have one.

Then, go back to the room where you picked your items: You can now pick 7 more! This can be repeated as often as you like. To get infinite money, head to the barrel in the middle left and keep searching. Pretty frequently, you should find Hard Leather, which can be sold in Koorong for 45 credits each. Repeat until you have about 50 or so Hard Leathers, and you can make a fortune!

You can also use this to find some average-strength equipment (simply look all around the room) with little effort. You will have to pay every time you leave and come back to get more, however (it's about 600 credits, I think.)

Note: After a while, the goods offered in the Junk Shop will increase in value, and Hard Leather will no longer be offered. When this happens, for the Infinite Money, simply go to the upper left-hand box and get the various swords there. EACH of these swords can be sold in Nakajima Robotics, in Shrike, for even more money than the Hard Leather!

Hidden Mega Monster
Let me warn you right now, this should only be tried if your characters are at their max and have most of the spells in this game otherwise the monster will mop the floor with you.

Head over to Shrike and enter the Bio Research Lab. Head over to the stairs (make sure to avoid the lab guys as best as possible cause you'll need a lot of WP's and JP's to defeat the mega monster) and go up the stairs. Go into the libary room and walk up to the bookcase thats across from where you came in.

After some careful searching in front of the bookcase you should hit a switch that will make the bookcase move. Head down the ladder (By the way if you want you can make a side trip while on the way to the monster and pick up a hidden character called Cotton) and out the doorway. You should be in the stairway now. You can head up the stairs and get Cotton if you want but you'll have to fight some monsters to get him.

Head down to the doorway on the bottom of the stairway and go thur it. You'll enter a greenhouse type area. Go down the stairs and avoid the room in the upper left area of this room for now. Take the small route to the right of the stairs you came down till you reach the room in the middle, right side of the room. Go through the door and avoid the lab guy whose near where you came in. Go up the ladder and defeat the lab girl and then walk over to the console that has the red switch on it. Hit the O button and you'll unlock the door lock on the mega monster room. Now head all the way back to the stairs in the greenhouse area while trying to avoid the lab guys. Now head up to the upper left room. Quicksave it before entering the room otherwise you'll have to go through everything again to get back at the monsters room if you die.

Warning: If you're sure you can beat this monster then good luck. So far I've counted how much damage I've dealt to it and it's tallied up to 31,000 and above before it killed me while I was using T260G in his type8 body. Be sure to have your best guns, armors, and tech's up when fighting the monster.

Infinite Items in Scrap Junk Store
Go to the junk store in Scrap and agree to pay the 300 credits to search for 3 items. After doing this, talk to the owners again and pick Selling, then go to the bottom selection (Hyperion Bazooka I believe) and press Circle 2 times. Then hit cancel and go into the room with the junk, you'll be able to get 7 items instead of 3. After picking 7 items, talk to the owners agian, hit selling, highlight circle on Hyperion Bazooka and hit circle twice. You can do this as many times as you like. It's great for getting cheap armor early on in the game.
Nearly Infinite Money
Note: You must have at least 3750 credits for this trick to work. The more credits you begin with the faster the trick will work.

Step (1)- Go to Koorong.

(2)- Go to the merchant who sells and buys and sells GoldIngots,located through the door just outside the entrance to the port. If you already have 51 GoldIngots or more, move to step 15. If you have 10 or more but less than 51 move on to step 3. If you have less than 10, buy enough GoldIngots from the merchant to give you a total of 10 in your possession.

(3)- Travel to Owmi.

(4)- From Owmi travel to Nelson.

(5)- Go to the merchant who sells GoldIngots for 500 credits a piece. (located in the middle pair of tents)

Buy as many as possible, but stop when your GoldIngots equal 51.

If you now have 51 GoldIngots skip to step 15. However, if you still have less than 51 proceed to the next step.

(6)- Travel back to Koorong.

(7)- Go back to the same merchant mentioned in step 2.

(8)- Select 'sell gold'.

(9)- Press up once.

(10)- Hold down again until the GoldIngot '#' reaches 0.

(11)- Hold up until the GoldIngot '#' rises back to the max amount. (The same number you had when you went in)

(12)- Press down again until your Ingot '#' reaches 12 and then stop.

(13)- Press'O' to sell.

(14)- Repeat steps 3-13 as needed.

(15)- After you have 51 GoldIngots in your possession check to see how many credits you have left.

If you have over 499 credits, go to any town you like and buy as much of whatever you want so that you have as few credits as possible.

(16)- Finally, repeat steps 6-14 as much as desired.

Note: After you've obtained 51 Gold Ingots you should recieve nearly 50,000 credits each time the process is repeated! It would be wise to return to Nelson after you recieve this large sum of credits and spend it on returning 51 Gold Ingots to your inventory before spending it on anything else first. This will reduce the time the process may take if you choose to continue it again later on in the game. Doing so will still give you around 30,000 credits everytime the cycle is repeated.

Although you cannot continually compile credits and store them up with this trick, you can still infinitely repeat the cycle, spending at least 30,000 credits on whatever you want each time;)

*whew* *wipes the sweat from his forehead*

It took me awhile to figure out the most profitable way to BUY! BUY! BUY! and SELL! SELL! SELL!!!… but I finally discovered how. I hope you find my stockmarket advice useful. And with that, I bid you fairwell.

IMPORTANT: Every step should remain the same if you are RED. However, if you are anyone else, please change the following:

1- You need at least 8000 credits to start with.

2- Begin with step (3) on the list.

3- Change step (12) so that rather than reducing the ingot #    to 12 and then stopping, you ruduce your ingots so that the credit # they are worth when selling goes no lower than 520. In otherwords. In step (12) reduce your ingots so that the credit # to the left of the ingot # reads 520 before selling.