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Cheat Codes
Enter these codes at the password screen.
Password     Effect
ANGRYLOCAL   People follow you everywhere
GHANDI       Natives worship your chopper
QUAKER       World peace (no shooting)
DAVEDITHER   More powerful weapons
DRBENWAY     Double damage
MOUNTADEW    Unlimited fuel
IAMWOMAN     Infinite armor
THEBIGBOYS   Unlimited ammo, fuel, and attempts
SADISSA      4 attempts
NOSFERAT     7 attempts
STRANGELUV   Infinite ammo
EARTHFIRST   Infinite fuel
VULTURE      Double fuel mileage
FUGAZI       Infinite ammo, infinite fuel,
             infinite attempts
MIDNIGHOIL   Infinite ammo, infinite fuel,
             invincible chopper
Infinite Lives
For infinite lives, enter any level password, but don't press Start. Instead, press Triangle to clear your entry and then type "ELVISLIVES".
Strike out with this complete set of passwords.
Level  Password
1      worstcase
2      grandtheft
3      grozney
4      chernobyl
5      civilwar