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Cheat Codes
Enter these codes while the game is paused.

Invisibility: hold L1+R1 and press s,s,o,o,t,x

Invincibility: hold L1+R1 and press t,t,x,x,s,o

All power-ups: hold L2+R2 and press t,o,s,x,t,x

All Inventory: hold L2+R2 and press x,s,o,t,s,o

Reset Physical: hold L1+R1 and press x,o,t,s,x,o

Reset Magic: hold L1+R1 and press t,o,x,s,t,o

Level skip: hold L1+R1+L2+R2 and press t,x,s,o,o,o

If you put the game in a cd player and listen to tract number 15. It's an excerpt from the Todd McFarlane (the creator of Spawn) interview on one of the Playstation Underground CDs.
Magic Attacks
Don't let your magic meter get too low while using these. If you do you'll die.

FireBall: Back, Back, Down, Down, X
Magical Blast: Back, Forward, Square
Hell Gauntlet: Back, Forward, Triangle
Ice Blast: Forward, Forward, Down, Down, Circle

Refill Health
To refill your health, while playing press L1 + L2. This only works a limited number of times.
Special Attacks
Right Cross: Forward, Forward, Triangle
Elbow Smash: Forward, Forward, Square
Right Power Kick: Forward, Forward, Circle
Left Power Kick: Forward, Forward, X
Cape/Chain Attack Right: Half-circle back to front + Circle
Cape/Chain Attack Left: Half-circle back to front + Square
Arm Rip: Half-circle front to back + X