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Lab Floor:  1FMLC939GPR8F3BF7KT1
Lab Top:  86MLC939GPR8F3VFQ5S4
70’s Room:  FW1MC939GPR8F3BF7KT1


Boxes:  FW1MC939GPR8F336DTTS3
Conveyors:  BSRMC939GPR8F3VTKKT1
Machine Room:  WDRQC939GPR8F3LM8S95
Tubes:  8WV5L939GPR8F36DTTS3
Mechanical Arm Boss:  8WV5L939GPR8F3G1QJB4


City Down The Street:  9WV5L939GPR8F3LRT6S4
Side Of Building:  6SXXS939GPR8F3LRT6S4
Park:  W9PNT839GPR8F3B9LVS3
Under The Street:  N7KB3Y19GPR8F3V95HR5
Along The Street:  N7KB3Y19GPR8F3GGK4T3


Display Cases:  P7KB3Y19GPR8F3BPFGC3
Volcano:  G7KB3Y11GPR8F3BPFGC3
Dinosaur Bones:  H7KB3Y1QFPR8F3QXSDS4
Model City:  J7KB3Y1GWPR8F31766D1
Temple:  K7KB3Y1B15S8F3QXSDS4
Museum Boss:  K7KB3Y1B15S8F3BTQBB4


The Wells:  V7KB3Y1B15S8F3QS7QC1
Along The Sewer:  W7KB3Y1VBVP8F3LC1M95
Food Carton:  X7KB3Y1VLN7BF31CH1C3
Up The Well:  Y7KB3Y1VV16QF3QS7QC1
Ryan’s World:  Q7KB3Y1LDRTQD3VKCDT1

Evil Lab

Circuit Boards:  Q7KB3Y1LDRTQD3LCQSR3
Lab Top:  R7KB3Y118H56T1WTY4R4
Hard Drives:  S7KB3Y118H56T1TCQSR3
Brian’s Folly:  T7KB3Y118H56T1FNY4R4
On the Ceiling:  T7KB3Y118H56T1TC4LD1
Kip’s Bonus:  68KB3Y118H56T151P6C4
Brain Boss:  68KB3Y118H56T1TMVM35
Play as a Flea
Pause the game and press Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle. The flea jumps better than the spider, but he's very hard to see. To return to normal, just enter the code again.
Refill Weapons and Power
Pause the game and press Triangle, X, X, X, Circle, X, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle.