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Cheat Menu
While playing, press Left, Circle, X, Right, Circle, X, Down, Circle, X. A list of cheat codes will appear. Here's what they mean:
Invincible  god mode
Coords      shows current position
Palmode     turns screen to black and white
Supermap    shows the full map of the level
Maxout      all weapons and ammo
Pogo        lets you jump to high places
            you can't normaly reach 
Ponder      turns thinking off
Gamewon     skips level
Free Batteries
When playing Dark Forces you will see little box droids moving around on the floor. Shoot these little droids to get batteries for your fashlight and other objects that use batteries.
Level Select
To access any level, enter the password "X7P!45QX39".
The Force will be on your side when you're armed with these passwords.
Level  Password
2      09VCJGG7WM
3      18WBDP7RMN
4      885BVHMCQ8
5      !32ZNJQHT3
6      GV8KF!G6KL
7      3X8MJ47R3X
8      LMZRK4!R3D
9      BR2WYK2CQJ
10     00GBNLJ4G0
11     T2GDTJG5JT
12     H2DCTKH40S
13     PPYRQP58LD
14     RT2W121V7J