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Big Feet, Head, Hands, and Legs
For big feet, hands, legs and head, hold Down+X+Select while selecting your character. Don't release them until the fight begins.
Big Head Mode
Press and hold SELECT while choosing a Character. Release SELECT when the fight starts.
Change Uniforms
Press L1 on the character select screen.
Clean Screen
To make the power bars and the force bars disappear, hold down L1 + R2 + Select while the match is loading.
Fight Mara Jade
Play the game as DARTH VADER, and instead of a mirror match, you fight Mara Jane, a character who uses a blue lightsaber and fights like Darth Vader.
Invisible Light Saber
When you pick Luke or Mara Jade, throw the lightsaber with the super gold power bar. While the lightsaber is in the air press R2 twice so you can see the handle on Luke or Mara's leg. When the lightsaber comes back it will be invisible unless you move or attack.
Juggle Your Opponent
With Princess Leia, When you have a super gold power bar, throw your rising tracer out of the ring. Once you've done that, kick your opponent, and he will fly very high into the air. If you have done this correctly, you can juggle your opponent. There is a downside to this though, once you've thrown your tracer out of the ring, you cannot get any more power bars.
Level Select
To access level select on VS Mode beat the game using Chewbacca.
Play as a Stormtrooper
Set the "Player Change at Continue" option to NO, then beat the game with Han Solo on the Jedi setting.
Play as Darth Vader
Set the "Player Change at Continue" option to NO, then beat the game with Luke Skywalker on the Standard or Jedi setting.
Play as Jodo Kast
Play the survival mode and beat all 10 fighters to unlock Jodo Kast.
Play as Mara Jade
Press and hold L1 + L2 + R1 when you enter the team battle mode. Be sure the setting is on Jedi and the character change at continue option should be off. If done correctly the computer will automaticall select fighters for you and the words "Fight for Mara Jade" should be seen on the screen. Beat the computer then she will be at your control.
Play as Slave Leia
Set the "Player Change at Continue" option to NO, then beat the game with Princess Leia on the Jedi setting.
Speed Up the Credits
Whenever you view the game credits, hold down on the control pad. It will make the credits go faster. You can also press up on the control pad to go back through the previous credits.
Tiny Mode
When choosing your fighter, hold Down+X+Select+R2 while the game is loading. Continue to hold these until the match begins and the fighters will be small.