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Fight Akuma
To fight against Akuma, select any other character, then hold L2 + R2 + X until Akuma appears.
Fight Dan
After winning a match, hold Up + L2 + R2 until the winning words come up then release. Repeat this for five matches and your sixth will be against Dan.
Fight M.Bison
This code requires two people to enter it (or one person with four hands :-)
  1. Hold Start on both controllers.
  2. Press Up, Up on both controllers, then release Start.
  3. Press Up, Up on both controllers.
  4. Simultaneously press Jab on controller one and Fierce on Controller Two.
Play as Akuma
  1. Go to the random box and hold L2.
  2. Press Left, Left, Left, Down, Down, Down.
  3. Then press Square + Triangle or Circle + X.
Play as Dan
  1. Press and hold L2.
  2. Go to the random box and press Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Triangle or do it in the reverse motion for the other color.
Play as M.Bison
  1. Go to the random box and hold L2.
  2. Press Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Down, Down.
  3. Press square and triangle or Circle + X for the other color.
Save Secret Characters to Memory
To get Akuma you must beat him by fighting him in the "traditional" way (not with the code.) Set the difficulty to level 5 or higher, choose the original color of your character, choose the best of 3 round setting, Finish your opponent with a super at least 8 times and don't at least twice. If you did this all correctly, you'll fight Akuma as your 8th opponent - if you beat him and save your data, he will be selectable by tapping down at any time in you "?" box. If he beats you and you continue, he will be gone you'll have to play the last 7 chars over again to get back to him.

To get M.Bison, you must pick your original color and beat the game on level 8 difficulty with someone who fights Bison as the "Boss" in their Scenario (Like Chun Li, Nash/Charlie, or Guy).

To keep Dan you must beat the game on level 8 using Dan with his original color.