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Chun-li's Original Outfit
To get Chun-li's original outfit, start with any mode of play (arcade, versus, or training.) Place the cursor on Chun-li then hold the Select button for at least five seconds then press any button.

Note: Doing this code will also change her Kikkoken attack to: charge back, tap forward + any punch.

Day-Glo Vega and All-white Dhalsim
Enter training mode and do a teleport move. Pause the game in mid-warp, then go to the menu and select a normal game as Vega or Dhalsim.
Original Zangief Introduction
For Zangief's original arcade intro, hold Select before the bout begins. This only works in versus or training mode.
Secret Stage
To fight in Sagat or M.Bison's secret stage, highlight either Sagat or M.Bison then hold Start for 5 seconds.
Super Akuma
Highlight Akuma, press and release Select. Then press Down, Right, Right, Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, Right, Right. You should end up on Akuma again. Hold Select and press any button. When the fight starts, there should be a sign on top of Akuma and he'll look black for a second.
Winning Poses
After defeating an opponent, but before the K.O. symbol appears, press and hold select, then one of the punch or kick button. (Not all characters will have six winning poses.)