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Easy Money
To gain near unlimited money, go to Marco and perform the following trick. In his cup game, the coins ending position follows a specific pattern. The pattern resets itself if you leave the room, or enter a building and come back. The pattern is as follows.

Right, Center, Center, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Center, Left, Center, Right, Right, Right

The pattern continues after this, but after one pass with bets of 10,000 bits, you will have earned 150,000 bits, which is usually enough for quite some time. The pattern can be repeated as often as necessary. Simply leave the room and enter again to restart.

Note: This pattern only works in Rockland at the beginning of the game, and not when Marco is recruited and goes to the island fortress.

Hidden Room
Enter Scarlatica castle and search the painting of Milich. You will find a secret room with lots of goodies.
Perfect Ending
The secret to gaining all 108 characters is keeping Pahn and Gremio alive. Here's how to do it.

The fight between Pahn and General Teo is not preordained as Pahn's death. To win, make sure Pahn is at least level 30 and his weapon is at least level 12. While fighting, simply defend every turn. You will take minimal damage from attacks, no damage from defends, and Teo will be seriously hurt when he desperately attacks. To encourage Teo's desperate attacks, try this:

  1. Say yes on the first time Mathieu asks if you are ready to fight your father.
  2. In the battle with Teo's army use magic all three times.
  3. When Pahn asks you for permission to fight Teo say, "I'll see you later" and keep saying this until Mathieu intervenes and tells you that tou have more important things to attend to.
  4. Wish Pahn good luck.

If Pahn lives, and you get all the other characters, Gremio will be revived prior to the last battle. BANG! All 108 characters and the special ending!

Playing Tips
  1. Follow the pattern to recruit Sheila the washing girl by talking to the guy at the top right, then the guy in the middle of town, then the woman at the bottom right, then the guy in the hotel, then buy sugar and retrace your steps.
  2. When you come to the paintings puzzle in Neclord's castle, choose to look at them in this order: (numbered 1,2,3,4 from left to right) 3, 2, 4, 1.
  3. In the town of Ricon, recruit Jabba with the nameless urn and Clive in the Liquor store. Clive is random so keep coming back for him.
  4. If possible, return to a defeated castle. You never know who will show up there.
  5. After defeating the generals, don't kill any of them. They can be great allies.
  6. Fight every battle, even the minor ones. This helps build up your exp. points and money. Use this hard earned cash to sharpen your weapons and buy armor.
  7. Remember who you couldn't recruit. Be sure to come back for them when you've satisfied their requirements.