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Alternate Costumes
To change most character's outfits, press either the punch or kick button while choosing a fighter. Some of the fighters also have a third costume, you'll need to press START while choosing your fighter to get get the third outfit.
Alternate Winning Poses
To watch your character's secret winning pose, hold down LEFT KICK or RIGHT KICK during the replay of your win. To see their original poses, hold down LEFT PUNCH or RIGHT PUNCH during the replay of your win. Make sure you hold the button down during all of the replay.

NOTE: Not all characters have multiple or secret poses.

Anna's Zebra Costume
To unlock Anna's zebra costume, play as her for 25 times.
Combo Recording
Go to practice mode and choose Freestyle. At the freestyle options screen, press L1, L2, R1, R2 and CIRCLE then press DOWN and SELECT to record a combo or to replay one.
Easy Win with Yoshimitsu
For a easy win with Yoshimitsu, perform his SHARK ATTACK blow at the beginning of each round. This should take away all of your opponent's power early in one shot.
GON and Dr. B  Made Easy
If you can't beat ball mode or force mode or just don't have the time, her is an easy way to get them. Set the game on easy and one round and infinite time. Play the arcade mode and or the forth, fifth, sixth, and seventh round let the enemy take all but 5 percent of your health then kill him. If you did it right you will here the anouncer say "great" on the next round you will fight Gon or Dr. B. Kill them by using sweeps or anything else and they are yours.
Gun Jack's Extended Ending
After you recieve Gun Jack's old suit. beat the game in the suit to recieve the extended ending.
Instant Replays in Practice Mode
From the main screen enter Practice Mode.  Choose your characters, and start a 1P Freestyle game.  When the 1P Freestyle menu pops up (before the fight begins) press L1, L2, R1, R2, and Cricle all at the same time.  Start the battle as normal, and at the bottom of the screen will be the commands, involving Select.
Jack's Tank Top
To get Jack's tank top outfit, play as him 10 times, then select him with the START button.
Jin and Xiaoyu's Schoolgirl Outfits
Play as Jin or Xiaoyu 50 times then press START on them to get school outfits.
Make MokuJin Sound Like a Wooden Block
On MokuJin's Pic, hold DOWN until the match begins.
Memory Card Cheat Leader
If you are using a memory card to store your status and you're trying to unlock all the cheats, it'll help you out.  Turn on the playstation with no game inside, and your memory card in.  Then go to the memory card option.  Select "copy" (not "delete" just to avoid any accidents) and then point the cursor at your memory block for Tekken 3.

The name of the file will read one of the following:

# Characters Left!! - Tells how many secret characters have not been gotten yet, excluding Gon and Doctor B

Tekken Ball Unlocked!! - Tells when Tekken Ball option becomes selectable

Play Tekken Force!! - Tells when Gon is gotten, and Doctor B is not

Use [Character's Name]!! - Displays name for one of the characters with a third outfit that has not been gotten

New Battles Await!! - This will appear after all of the above cheats have been obtained and saved

Play as Anna, Heihaci and More
To access most of the secret characters, beat the game with all regular characters.
Play as Doctor B
To get DOCTOR B, complete TEKKEN FORCE mode four times. Each time you finish one set you'll get a key. Collect three keys, then defeat Doctor B and he's yours!
Play as Gon
If your tired of beating the game with every one just pick any character and play either time attack or survival mode and get a high enough score that it asks for your innitials then write GON as your 3-letter name.
Play as the Tiger
To play as the tiger, beat the game with 17 different characters, including Eddy Gordo. Once this is done, highlight Eddy Gordo on the character selection screen and press START.
Quick Winning with Gon and Julia
If you have a turbo controller you can pull off this trick. All you have to do is pick either Gon or Julia and then turn turbo on and hold the CIRCLE button. Watch the wins roll in!
Random Team Battle
Choose the number of players you wish in Team Battle, then press START without choosing any fighters. The computer will make the selection for you.
Tekken Ball Mode
To access Tekken Ball mode, beat the game with all regular characters.