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Cheat Codes
Enter these codes at the password prompt.
Code      Effect
BUGGY     Bug riders preview movie
BURAN     No collisions
DNEPR     Collision boxes
KAMOV     Sound test menu
KIEV      Movie menu
KIROV     Infinite ammunition
KURSK     Invulnerability
LENIN     Don't get shot at
MINSK     Reset all cheats
ROGOV     Random-colored terrain polygons
RUBLE     Improved weapons
RUSSI     "Clean" pause
SNEEG     Bonus Sea Hunter game
SOYUZ     Minimal gravity
VOLGA     Random-colored terrain boxes
Level  Password
2      AKULA
3      PASHA
4      MIRAS
5      NAKAT
6      REZKY
7      TUCHA
8      ZARYA
9      VOSTA