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Cheat Menu
At the title screen, after you've calibrated your gun, fire two shots directly at the center of the crosshairs above the title, then fire two shots right into the center of the empty part of the letter "R" in the word "Crisis". When done properly, this will produce a cheat menu that holds a great many options that should make this game easier, and much more fun.
Easier Game
When you choose the normal story mode from the title screen and can choose either Normal Play or Time Attack, shoot anywhere off-screen. The words EASY will appear next to the Normal Play mode on the screen. This gives you five hits in the game instead of three.
Level Select
At the title screen hold L1, X, and CIRCLE for about 5 seconds you should hear a gunshot. Press START and you can skip to any level.
Pedal Trick
If you have a racing controller with a foot pedal, plug it into the second controller port and use the foot pedal to duck. It's the closest you can get to the arcade without buying a stand-up console.

If you don't have a foot pedal, try this but be sure to take off your shoes first. Plug a normal controller in Port 2, and place it on the floor where you can reach it. You can now step on any of the buttons (X, O, etc) and that will make your character hide.