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Automatic Home Run
Press and hold all four shoulder buttons and enter this code during gameplay: Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, x, Square, Left, Right. Hit the ball and it will rocket out of the park.
Bonus Stadiums
At the stadium select screen, press L2, L1, R1, R2, R2, L1, R1, R2.
Camera Control
To control the camerae ,enter this code during gameplay: Hold R1+R2+L1+L2 and press Right,Left,Up,Down,Right,Left if you did it right you will hear a Thunk.

To move the cam press: Direction Button

To Turn the cam hold R1 and press the Direction Button

To move cam faster press and hold L1

To zoom out hold L2

To zoom in hold R2

To make the cam go higher hold Triangle

To make the cam go down hold Square

Crowd Control
To control the crowd's noise and announcer's comments hold L1+L2+R1+R2 then enter one of the codes below:
Crowd Noise:
X, Down, Down, X              Awww!
Triangle, X, X, Triangle      Light cheer
Square, Left, Left, Square    Loud roar
Circle, Right, Right, Circle  Boo
Triangle, Up, Up, Triangle    Clap

Announcer Comments:
Up,Triangle,Right,Circle   Hey Buck, tell us a story....
Down,X,Right,Circle        Facts/Baseball Trivia
Left,Square,Right,Circle   Commercials
Circle,Right,Square,Left   The Nickname Game
X,Down,Triangle,Up         Weather
Left,Square,Up,Triangle    ????
Up,Triangle,Down,X         ????

Up, Triangle, Up followed by:
    Triangle     Jon Spencer
    Circle       Gary Lam
    Square       Chuck Osieja
    X            Steve Rechtschaffner
    Up           Brent Nielsen
    Left         Pauline Moller
    Down         Agathat Kuzniak
    Right        Mike "Swanny" Swanson

Left, Square, Left followed by
    Triangle     Duncan Lee
    Circle       Yanick Lebel
    Square       Anne Geiger
    X            Edwin Gomez
    Up           Wendell Harlow
    Left         Stephen Gagno-Cody
    Down         Vanessa Gonwick
    Right        Adrienne Travica

Right, Circle, Right followed by
    Triangle     Frank Faugno
    Circle       Michael J. Sokyrka
    Square       Kirby Leung
    X            Jeff Coates
    Up           Mike Sheath
    Left         Mark Liljefors
    Down         Anne Fouron
    Right        Kenneth Newby

Down, Triangle, Down followed by
    Triangle     Carolyn Cudmore
    X            Rick Falck
    Up           Louis Wang
    Left         Mark Dobratz
    Down         Brett Marshall
    Right        Jason Lee

UP four times        Jen Cleary
LEFT four times      Bob Silliker
DOWN four times      Eric Kiss
RIGHT four times     Darron Stone
X four times         Ryan Pearson
CIRCLE four times    Stan Tung
SQUARE four times    Rob Anderson
TRIANGLE four times  Mike Rayner
Easy Strike-out
While playing, hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and press Up, Down, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Square.
Easy Trades
All trades go through, as long as the players are 2 or less points apart. So, say you have a guy worth 78 points and you want a guy worth 94 points, and you dont have any trade points left. All you have to do is trade the guy worth 78 for a guy worth 80 and then for a guy worth 82 and then for a guy worth 84 and so on.
Hidden Stadiums
At the stadium select screen, press L2, L1, R1, R2, R2, L1, R1, R2. If you did it right the announcer will say "Triple Play 99" and you'll gain three new stadiums: Ancient Rome, Neo-Vancover, and Anytown USA.
Inside Out Batting
When you are batting against a switch hitter batting left handed during the at bat switch your pitcher to a left handed pitcher. Now the batter will be facing the wrong way in the batters box but he will still be able to hit the ball!
Mess up the Announcer
While you have the ball in the outfield run into your own players to make a collision. If you nail your teammate perfectly you will drop the ball and Buck Martinez (the annoncer) will start talking about homeruns line drives etc.
Power Bunt
To fake your friends out, do a Power Bunt. While Batting hold down the bunt button and as the ball gets to your bat let go of the bunt button and press the power swing button. If you do it correctly you will hit the ball into the outfield like you would a regular power hit.
Power Hitter
If you want a power hitter create a player named "Erik Kiss". He will hit a lot of home runs. It works best if you move to the front of the batters box by holding R2 and pushing up, keep holding up even when your swinging and most of the time he will hit a home run unless he gets jammed or misses the ball.
Secret Sounds
When you hit a home run and start your run around the bases, tap SQUARE, X, O or TRIANGLE to change the crowd sounds.