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Cheat Codes
Pause the game then go to the ENTER PASSWORD screen and enter these passwords using the C button.
Password  Effect
DCKMT     Full upgrades
VRYLTTL   All spells and renewal of mana
          with each spell cast
NSCRN     Show entire map
GLTTRNG   10,000 gold, 5000 lumber and oil
TSGDDYTD  Invincible units
MKTS      Fast building and upgrade
NGLS      Disable magical traps (runes, ect.)
NTPRF     Laser show
NVRWNNR   Removes victory sequence and
          lets you continue playing
NTTCLNS   Instant victory
YPTFLWRM  Instant defeat
THRCNBNL  View ending
VLDZ      Gain oil
HTCHTXNS  Gain lumber
Dark Portal Passwords
Level  Password
2      SKLLFG
3      THNRL
4      RFTWKN
5      DRGNSF
6      NWSTRM
7      SSFZRT
8      SSLTNK
9      DPTMBF
10     LTRC
11     VFDLRN
12     DPDRKP